NEZ Marketing is the  marketing arm representing a National Firm that is one of the Top Collection Professionals in the United States.  


 We work to recover slow paying, delinquent accounts and bad checks for businesses, financial institutions, and medical practices throughout the country.  The Tandem Cash Recovery Programs increase recovery rates, lowers collection costs, and improves cash flow, through first party contacts, letters and phone calls.  We were established to provide business owners with a superior alternative to conventional contingency collection agencies.  Our clients save up to 90% of what traditional agencies charge.  We provide business owners with comprehensive accounts receivable management.  We put technology to work to generate maximum recovery.

Unlike most collection agencies where 30-50% is charged to collect a balance, we only charge a low one-time flat fee of typically less than 10% per account.  No Percentage is charged.  All collected monies are remitted directly to the client-- not to the collection agency, or if the customer prefers, we will handle all of the debtor
contacts for the same Low Flat Fee per Account.  We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our clients.  

Our highest priority is to keep the communication between our clients and their customers.  We don't use harsh tactics so not to alienate customers.  Our top-notch collectors are persistant, but always courteous and professional.  By using a friendly audit letter, we are able to facilitate communication and recover past due accounts without alienating your customers or patients.  At our customer's discretion, if the need arises, we maintain an extensive network of collection attorneys nationwide to bring your cases to final resolution.